Is It Permissible to Working With Alcohol In Islam?

Is It Permissible to Working With Alcohol In Islam?A question, “Is It Permissible to Working With Alcohol In Islam?”

It isn’t permissible to operate in a location just like a bar or saloon at which all the income stems from alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, the condition of areas like restaurants and supermarkets in which permissible products are offered along with alcoholic beverages differs.

It’s haram (prohibited) to purchase, sell, transport and service alcoholic beverages. Thus, it isn’t permissible to operate in these sections of supermarkets and restaurants. But, it’s permissible to operate from the other areas like the kitchen at a restaurant. It’s far better to operate in areas where all the earnings come in halal (permissible) products and services.

The faith of Islam didn’t favor the manner of suddenly eliminating specific bad characters and customs which were common from the area but employed a method beginning with the minimal amount that directed the affected individuals towards development in a specific way. That wound at the industrial life was treated after individuals attained a particular degree through the technique of this Quran. Gradualism was approved as a foundation. Among those problems that gradualism was detected was that the prohibition of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol wasn’t illegal at the same time; it had been illegal after three consecutive verses which were sent down in certain periods by making people prepared for the prohibition. So much so that, when Muslims discovered that alcohol was illegal, they chased each the wine jars and poured them in the streets.

The prohibition wasn’t restricted to drinking alcohol; Purchasing and selling, in other words, the commerce of alcohol was also illegal.

Someone who runs or owns a restaurant, bar or a similar location which serves alcoholic beverages is among the folks who are damned. He’s at the condition of a vendor and someone who makes a living by the cash made from alcohol. Thus, it isn’t possible to approve of this a method of earning a living.

There’s not any distinction between being in a Muslim nation and non-Muslim country concerning this situation. Even though there’s a fatwa (legal opinion, a response to a query) from Imam Azam Abu Hanifa which it’s permissible to sell alcoholic beverages to non-Muslims at a non-Muslim nation, his pupil Imam Abu Yusuf says that a Muslim may not sell alcoholic beverages even at a non-Muslim nation and states: “Being a Muslim means to have approved all the decrees of Islam regardless of where one is. A Muslim may not purchase and sell something which Allah created haram (prohibited) regardless of where he’s. One thing haram is haram any place on the planet.

So, Working With Alcohol In Islam is not permissible. May Allah guide us.

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