What is Islam: The Origin of Islam

What is Islam: The Origin of Islam

What is Islam: The Origin of IslamThe first human, Adam, followed Islam, in that he directed worship to God alone and none else and abided by His commandments. But during the passing of the dispersal of humankind all over the globe, people strayed out of the message and started directing worship to other people instead of or combined with God. Some chose to worship the pious who passed off among them, while others chose to worship spirits and forces of nature. It was then God began to send messengers to humankind steering them back into the worship of God Alone, which lent to their authentic character and warning them of the grave effects of directing any worship to other people besides Him.

The very first of these messengers was Noah, who had been sent to preach the message of Islam to his people, once they’d begun to direct worship for their pious forefathers along with God. Noah called his people to depart the worship of the idols and ordered them to come back to the worship of God Alone. Some of these followed the teachings of Noah, although most disbelieved in him. Individuals who followed Noah were followers of Islam, or Muslims, while those who did not, stayed in their disbelief and were captured with a punishment for doing this.

Following Noah, God sent messengers to every state who’d strayed in the Truth, to steer them back into it. This Truth was the same at the time: to deny all of the objects of worship and also to guide all worship without exclusion to God and none else, the Creator and Lord of all, and also to abide by His commandments. However, as we mentioned previously because every state differed about their lifestyle, language, and civilization, certain messengers have been sent to certain nations for a particular period.

God sent messengers to all countries, and also to the Kingdom of Babylon; He delivered Ibrahim– Among the first and greatest prophets — that predicted his people to deny the worship of their idols to which they had been committed. God put Ibrahim through several tests, and he demonstrated true to them all. For his most sacrifices, God proclaimed he’d increase from one of his progeny a wonderful state and select prophets from one of them. Whenever individuals from his progeny began to drift away from the Truth, which had been to worship none but God alone and to obey His commandments, God delivered them a second messenger steering them back into it.

Therefore, we see that lots of prophets were sent among the progeny of Ibrahim, for example both sons Isaac and Ishmael, together with Jacob (Israel), Joseph, David, Solomon, Moses, and needless to say, Jesus, to mention a few, will the peace and blessings of God be upon all of them. Each prophet was delivered to the Children of Israel (the Jews) if they went astray in the true faith of God, and it became mandatory upon them to adhere to the messenger that was delivered to them and follow their commandments. Each one, the messengers, came with the same message, to deny worship of the other beings except God to obey His commandments. Some disbelieved from the prophets, while some thought.
Muhammad preached the same concept of Islam since the previous prophets and messengers — to lead each of worship to God Alone and none else and to obey His commandments — where the followers of the preceding prophets went.

As we see, the Prophet Muhammad wasn’t the founder of a new faith, as many individuals mistakenly think, however, he had been sent as the last Prophet of Islam.

As it had been incumbent upon those who had been alive to stick to the concept of the final of this series of prophets that was delivered to them, it becomes incumbent upon all humankind to follow the concept of Muhammad. God promised this message could stay unchanged and match for all places and times.

We see that individuals who call themselves Muslims today don’t stick to a new faith; instead they follow the faith and concept of all prophets and messengers that were delivered to humankind by God’s control, also called Islam. The term “Islam” is an Arabic word that means “submission to God,” and Muslims are individuals that willfully submit to knowingly comply God, living according to His message.

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