Muslim Wedding Tradition in Saudi Arabia

Muslim Wedding Tradition in Saudi ArabiaThe Tradition of weddings in Arabian is filled with glamor and grandeur such as the palaces of empires. Additionally, the heritage of weddings in Arabian also has similarities as in Indonesia specifically Ijab Qabul. Listed below are a Muslim Wedding Tradition in Saudi Arabia:

1. Engagement

The marriage of the like the Muslim community, in other words, it starts with the participation. Particularly in the Arab culture of participation closely about the capability to surrender some cash to the bride. It changes on the sum of money demanded by the bride’s household, based on the amount of social status of the prospective brides. The greater social status of both prospective brides the greater degree of demand and the capability of the groom.

2. Pacar Bride

In the period of Pacar bride, the invitation is designed solely for girls only. At this time accompanied with Arabian dancing fashion.

3. Ijab Qobul

Following an involvement, then completed a set of weddings starting with Ijab Qabul occasion and continued in the wedding reception service. In case Ijab Qabul is completed in the front of Mutawaif attended the two parties spouses, along with some kinsman relatives either side. Another very important factor in the marriage of Arab society would be that the marriage agreement signed by the two parties also signed with the witnesses that clarify the particular responsibilities concerning matters regarding marriage. It’s all about the total amount of money handed to Wali, dowry, and other things regarding rights and duties after marriage happened.

4. Celebration

Following Ijab Qabul ceremony happened, then typically followed by a party event held at a special area called Ghasur. In this party, everything is borne from the bridegroom. A variety of prices are invested, but also for the middle class to get your wedding party at least pay between 100,000 SR roughly 350 million rupiahs. The parties in marriage traditions in Arabian:

  • Between man and female people is put in various rooms. It usually means that the two sorts of visitors aren’t united in 1 area but another area.
  • Both brides came accompanied with the music with lights turned away, and spotlight emphasized. The bride wears brightly colored clothing coupled from the groom wear a robe or Khaltameje that is mixed with a lawsuit.
  • Subsequently, both brides sit side by side when appreciating drinking juice, cut others or cake.
  • Party events filled with some entertainment with singing and dance. Served with an assortment of foods and drinks. This celebration event typically lasts until sunrise

Meanwhile, the Muslim Wedding Tradition convention depending on the Quran holy book. The wedding convention means to become holy and sacred, the few guarantees to God. The is just one sacred Muslim wedding convention, yet in certain countries, they place their customs to the wedding ceremony. Therefore, the most significant part Muslim wedding heritage would be that the solemnization of marriage.

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