The Big Questions: The Need For Revelation

The Big Questions: The Need For Revelation

In the past two parts of the show, we replied both “big questions.” Who left us? God. Why are people here? In the last post, I suggested that the only way we could serve our Creator is via obeying His mandates, as conveyed via revelation.

About the requirement for revelation, I’d make these things: In the very first article of the series I pointed out that existence is filled with injustices, but our Creator is reasonable and just, and He determines justice maybe not in this lifetime, but at the afterlife. Now, how do our Creator establish justice if He didn’t hold humankind to particular laws throughout their lifetimes? It is not feasible. In that situation, rather than justice, God will be coping out injustice, for He’d be penalizing people for transgressions they had no method of understanding were offenses.

To start with, without advice mankind can’t even agree on societal and financial problems, politics, laws, etc.. Just how do we ever agree on God? Second, no one writes the user manual much better than the person who produced this item. God is the Creator, we’re producing, and no one understands the total strategy of production better than the Creator. Are we taxpayers permitted to write our legislation? No? Well then, why if we are permitted to write our religions? If history has taught us anything, it’s the tragedies that result when humankind follows its caprice. How many who’ve promised to the banner of the free idea have designed religions who dedicated themselves and their followers to nightmares on Earth and damnation from the hereafter?

So why is not it enough simply to be great? To start with, peoples’ definitions of “great” differ. For a few, it’s high morals and tidy living, for many others it’s insanity and mayhem. Likewise, theories of how to serve and worship our Creator disagree also. More importantly and to the point, nobody could walk into a shop or a restaurant and cover with another currency than the retailer takes. Therefore it is with faith. If folks need God to accept their servitude and worship, then they must pay in the money God demands.

Imagine raising kids in a house in which you’ve created “house rules.” Then, one day, among your kids tells you he or she has changed the rules and will do things otherwise. How would you react? Most likely, together with the words, “You can choose your brand new rules and go to Hell!” We are God’s creation, residing in His world under His principles, and “go to Hell” is quite likely that which God will say to some who presume to re-evaluate His legislation by theirs.

Sincerity becomes a problem now. We must realize that all enjoyment is a gift from our Creator, and worthy of thanks. If given a present, which utilizes the present before giving thanks? And yet, a lot of people like God’s gifts for life rather than give thanks. Or give it overdue. The English poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, talked of the irony of this troubled individual appeal at The Cry of the Human:

Who ne’er stated, “God be praised.”

If we never show good manners and thank our Creator for His presents today, and then for the remainder of our lives?

You replied “Yes.” You must possess. Nobody will have read this far without being in the deal, however here is the issue: Many of you replied “Yes,” knowing full well that your mind and heart don’t fully concur with all the religions of your vulnerability. You agree we had been made with a Creator. You fight to know Him. And you want to sing and serve Him in the way He prescribes. However, you don’t understand how, and you also do not know where to search for the replies. And that, regrettably, isn’t a topic which may be answered in a report. Regrettably, that needs to be addressed in a publication, or perhaps even at a string of books.

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