Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Umar

(23-33 Hijriah/634-644 AD) Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Umar At the very last days of his life, Caliph Abu Bakr asked lots of people occupied. “What do you consider Umar?” His soul is great, although everyone named Umar was difficult. Following that, Abu Bakr asked Uthman to write will his successor was Umar. It appears that Abu

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Abu Bakr

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Abu Bakr Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam died without leaving a concept of who should succeed him as chief of those people. Some relatives Apostle discovered Ali ibn Abu Talib and cousin-in-law who maintained Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam out of childhood-the most qualified. However, some of the Ansar, a native of Medina,

Zamzam Water Research

Zamzam Water Research Zamzam Studies and Research Center in SGS would be to supply the essential scientific options for effective tracking and management of the aquifer feeding the Zamzam well and also to guarantee the purity and safety of supply. The Center is currently concentrating on the following aspects of management of the aquifer, the Zamzam

10 Amazing Fact About Zamzam Water Benefits

10 Amazing Fact About Zamzam Water Benefits Zamzam is a water system, which quenches thirsting people throughout the globe the Haji that go for Haj to Madina and Mecca. Water is famous for its cooling, purity & refreshing character and quenches capabilities. It’s associated with prophets Ibrahim A.S., Ismail A.S., Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. and Hajira

Miracles of ZamZam

Yusria Abdel-Rahman Haraz reported that she had been influenced by an ulcer in her eye. It influenced her with a serious headache which couldn’t be treated by pills. She moved into a renowned doctor who proposed to provide her a shot which will block the aggravation but it is going to also dysfunction the eye,

Zamzam Water History

Zamzam Water History Folks need water for nearly for every thing, but not all of water conveys the identical price and significance.Muslims reference this water of Zamzam as a thing enchanting as well as unique. They crave that this mysterious liquid and like to drink it if they could. And if you were able to

Zam Zam Water Health Benefits

Zam Zam Water Health Benefits What is chilled, refreshing and will quench your thirst at the hot, Arabian desert? If you replied the title of your favorite soft drink, you are mistaken. Zamzam is the title of the well that offers the water to countless individuals, who’ve thirstily drunk from history, particularly during the Hajj

10 Facts About Islam You Didn’t Know

Can be a tricky concept in this day and age with hearsay and jaded media reports. So here at, we chose to break down what Islam means and 10 Facts About Islam You Didn’t Know. 10 Facts About Islam You Didn’t Know 1. “Islam” is an Arabic word means peace, security, and surrender. Islam

Benefits Of Hijab In Islam

Quran is the sacred scripture of Muslims which commands Muslim women and men behave and to dress in a way that is modest. Women are and are requested to keep their head cover while in the existence of men. It’s stated in Quran: