Miracles of ZamZam

Miracles of ZamzamYusria Abdel-Rahman Haraz reported that she had been influenced by an ulcer in her eye. It influenced her with a serious headache which couldn’t be treated by pills. She moved into a renowned doctor who proposed to provide her a shot which will block the aggravation but it is going to also dysfunction the eye, and consequently, she’ll lose the sight in the eye. Mrs.Yusria was convinced of the winner of Allah. She thought of doing Umra and supplicated to Allah to heal her. She arrived in Makkah and performed Tawaf; there weren’t many individuals and the regions not crowded, so, she would be using the Zamzam water for extended time. When she reached back to the hotel, she discovered her eyes that were affected was treated, and the ulcer vanished. This event demonstrates it’s a verification of this Hadeeth that says of Miracles of Zamzam, “Zamzam water fulfils the purpose for which it has been drunk, if you drink it for getting cured Allah cures you, if you drink it for stomach satisfaction Allah will satisfy you and if you drink it for quenching thirst Allah will quench your thirst.”

There are lots of such occasions, which demonstrates the fact of that which Prophet Muhammed(Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam) said along with the sacred nature of Zamzam water. He states he was influenced by a rock in his ureter and the physician couldn’t remove or destroy it with no surgical procedure. However, he postponed the surgery twice. He conducted Umra and supplicated to Allah to heal him without experiencing surgery. He then sensed that a benching in his ureter and raced to ease himself, simply to find the rock come out and that he had been treated without experiencing a surgical procedure. The physicians who had been treating Dr. Farooque were amazed of Miracles of Zamzam.

A guy from Yemen was fond of studying Quran from a little Mushaf. As he became older, he discovered he could not read Quran readily from this publication because his sight was getting weak. He discovered about the Miracles of Zamzam of fulfilling the purpose for which it was drunk. He arrived at Haj, and he drank out of Zamzam. He began reading from that little Mushaf of Quran readily and with no sight issues. He realized everything he wanted because he had been convinced of the and had profound faith in the expression of the Prophet(Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam), “The water of Zamzam fulfils the purpose for which it has deep drunk” He was also convinced and had profound belief in the Quranic signal where Allah says, “When my servants ask thee concerning me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he collect on me, let them also with a will listen to my call, and believe in Me. That may walk in the right way”. [2:186] origin: “You ask about the scientific miracles of Quran an Sunna and Shaikh Zindani answers” From Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani

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