Why Homosexuality Forbidden In Islam

Why Homosexuality Forbidden In IslamThe Muslim shouldn’t doubt, even for a moment, what Allaah has prescribed is sensible and Why Homosexuality Forbidden In Islam. He must be aware that there’s excellent wisdom in what Allaah has commanded and he has prohibited; it’s the right route and is the sole manner in which man could be secure and in peace, protecting his honor, his thoughts and his health, in agreement with the natural disposition (fitrah) by that Allaah has created man.

Some heretics have attempted to strike Islam and its rulings; they’ve denounced divorce and plural marriage and allowed alcohol. People who consider the state of the societies will observe the condition of misery that those societies have attained.

They (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition (fitrah) that Allaah has created in humanity — and also in creatures — where the man is likely towards the feminine, and vice versa.

The spread of homosexuality has generated male diseases which neither the east nor the west could refuse exist due to them. Even though the only outcome of the perversion has been AIDS — that attacks the immune system in people — which would be sufficient.

It also results in the rest of the family and leads individuals to give their job and research as they’re obsessed with those perversions.

Considering that the prohibition has come from Allaah, the Muslim shouldn’t wait until medication proves that injury befalls the one who does what Allaah has prohibited. Instead, he must believe ardently that Allaah merely prescribes what is good for individuals, and these contemporary discoveries must just raise his certainty and confidence in the greatness of Allaah’s wisdom.

Lesbianism means one particular girl is doing to a different something similar to what a person does to a girl. Homosexuality means having sex with men from the rear passage.

Al-Qur’an has mentioned it:

Al-A’raaf (7:80-81)
80. “And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, “Do you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds?”
81. “Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people.”

28. “And [mention] Lot, when he said to his people, “Indeed, you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds.”

74. “And to Lot We gave judgement and knowledge, and We saved him from the city that was committing wicked deeds. Indeed, they were a people of evil, defiantly disobedient.”

An-Naml(27:54-58)54. “And [mention] Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit immorality while you are seeing?”
55. “Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly.”
56. “But the answer of his people was not except that they said, “Expel the family of Lot from your city. Indeed, they are people who keep themselves pure.”
57. “So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; We destined her to be of those who remained behind.”
58. “And We rained upon them a rain [of stones], and evil was the rain of those who were warned.”

And some verse has mentioned about Why Homosexuality Forbidden In Islam. You guys (gays and lesbians), Allah is Entirely Merciful also Especially Merciful, you still have time to repent. May Allah guide you.

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