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Is Life Insurance Haram?

Insurance is a method of protection against several dangers and injuries; and in Turkey, it’s divided to two as “Social Insurances” (state-owned) and “Private Insurances.” Social Insurances have three components called Retirement Fund (for both civil servants and officers), Workers’ Insurance, and Shopkeepers and Businessmen Insurance; and it is an official enterprise. For instance, if

Is Smoking Haram in Islam?

Is Smoking Haram in Islam? What’s intended by “worldwide halal and haram” is halals and harams that are valid in most places and times? Cigarette emerged following 15th century. There are some general principles in Islam for deciding something that isn’t mentioned in the key resources of Islam. One of these is “the principle is

5 Pillars Of Islam: Zakat (Alms Giving)

5 Pillars Of Islam: Zakat (Alms Giving) Charity isn’t only suggested by Islam, it’s required of each fiscally secure Muslim. Giving charity to people who deserve it is a component of Muslim personality and among the Five Pillars of Islamic practice. Zakat is seen as “compulsory charity”; it’s responsibility for people who have obtained their

Despair and Suicide in Islam

Despair and Suicide in Islam Instances of suicide or self-killing happen to be known throughout history. It had been discussed and known in the early Roman and Greek civilizations; it’s been noticed in the Christian and Jewish faiths and is cited in the Hindu Hindu novels. Suicide or Hara Kiri is a portion of the

Zamzam Water Research

Zamzam Water Research Zamzam Studies and Research Center in SGS would be to supply the essential scientific options for effective tracking and management of the aquifer feeding the Zamzam well and also to guarantee the purity and safety of supply. The Center is currently concentrating on the following aspects of management of the aquifer, the Zamzam

10 Amazing Fact About Zamzam Water Benefits

10 Amazing Fact About Zamzam Water Benefits Zamzam is a water system, which quenches thirsting people throughout the globe the Haji that go for Haj to Madina and Mecca. Water is famous for its cooling, purity & refreshing character and quenches capabilities. It’s associated with prophets Ibrahim A.S., Ismail A.S., Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. and Hajira

Miracles of ZamZam

Yusria Abdel-Rahman Haraz reported that she had been influenced by an ulcer in her eye. It influenced her with a serious headache which couldn’t be treated by pills. She moved into a renowned doctor who proposed to provide her a shot which will block the aggravation but it is going to also dysfunction the eye,

Zamzam Water History

Zamzam Water History Folks need water for nearly for every thing, but not all of water conveys the identical price and significance.Muslims reference this water of Zamzam as a thing enchanting as well as unique. They crave that this mysterious liquid and like to drink it if they could. And if you were able to