Can We See God?

Can We See God?

Can We See God?The human head is a real marvel, but in some areas, it’s constrained. God is different from whatever your mind can think about or imagine, or so the mind will get confused if it attempts to envision God. Regardless, it’s possible to comprehend the features of God which don’t need you to create some mental pictures of Him. As an instance, one of God’s titles is al-Ghaffar, so He forgives all sins. Everybody can understand this easily because that’s the way the human mind can believe of God. Christian and Jewish teachings on God are confused partially due to the erroneous comprehension of the matter.

“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…so God made man in His own image.’” (Genesis 1:26-27)

Additionally, certain churches comprise statues or pictures of a classic white bearded guy depicting God. A number of them were created by the likes of Michelangelo who portrayed the Face and Hand of a god — a demanding looking old guy – in paintings.

Some individuals, including a few that claim to be Muslims, report religious experiences where they claim to have seen God. Commonly reported encounters also have viewing mild, or a glorious being seated on a throne. In the event of Muslims, this kind of adventure is accompanied by falling basic Islamic practices such as salah and fasting, under the mistaken opinion that these clinics are just for common men and women who hadn’t had their kind of expertise.

What exactly does Islam teach about it? Islam teaches us that it’s Satan who wants to be God to fool ignorant men and women who think in these encounters and go astray. Among the basic foundations of Islam is the legislation revealed to Prophet Muhammad can’t be altered or canceled. God neither makes legal for some what he’s made unlawful for many others nor does He convey His Legislation through such encounters to individuals. Instead, divine law is shown through the correct channel of revelation to the prophets, a station that was closed following the arrival of the prophet Muhammad, the last of God’s prophets.

“There is nothing like Him, but He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (Quran 42:11)

“There is nothing comparable to Him.” (Quran 112:4)

Viewing God in Afterlife

In Islamic philosophy, God can’t be viewed in this lifetime. However the believers will see God in another life; even then, God won’t be grasped in totality.

On that day some faces will be bright, looking at their Lord.” (Quran 75:22-23)

The Prophet was asked if we will see God on the Day of resurrection. He responded, “Are you harmed by looking at the moon when it is full?” [Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim] ‘No,’ they answered. He then stated, “Certainly, you may see Him similarly.” In another hadith, the Prophet said, “Surely, each of you will see God on the day when you shall meet Him, and there will be no veil or translator between Him and you.”[Saheeh Al-Bukhari]. Seeing God is going to be a favor that’s added to Paradise on the individuals who will live therein. As a matter of truth, the delight of seeing God for a believer will probably be greater compared to all pleasures of Paradise united together. Even the unbelievers, on the other hand, will probably be deprived of seeing God, and this may be higher punishment for them than most of the pain and suffering from Hell united together.

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