Month: July 2017

Why Alcohol In Islam Is Forbidden

Why Is Alcohol In Islam Forbidden? Alcohol and other intoxicants are prohibited from the Quran since they’re a terrible habit that pushes people away from the remembrance of God. Many distinct verses handle the matter, revealed at various times within a span of years. A comprehensive ban on alcohol has been widely recognized among Muslims,

What Is The Difference Quran And Hadith

When speaking about Islam, an individual can’t mention that the Quran without saying that the Hadith. It’s similar to those two are inseparable but not completely interchangeable. Through time, both of these became a substantial portion of a Muslim’s lifetime to attain his halcyon days. Even in the bleakest of situations, both of these never

Hijab And Niqab In Islam

Hijab is the correct Islamic dress code, which is primarily meant to protect the modesty, dignity, and honor of both men and women. By wearing Hijab, girls protect themselves from some other untoward gaze or act which could expose them to temptation or harassment of any sort. On the other hand, it protects guys from indulgence

When do I pay Zakat?

The minute that you have wealth over the Nisab threshold you’re qualified to pay Zakat. When do I pay Zakat? The Zakat is to be paid following one complete Haul / lunar year — but only as long as your riches in that future date remains over the Nisab threshold.

Nisab and Haul in Zakat

Nisab and Haul in Zakat – The Nisab is that the minimum amount of riches a Muslim must have before they become qualified to pay Zakat. This number is often known as the Nisab threshold. Gold and silver would be the two values used to compute the Nisab threshold. The Nisab is that the worth

How Much Zakat Should Be Paid

According to the Hanafi madhab, Zakat needs to be compensated by Muslim adults that are emotionally sane and in possession of the quantity of riches [internet assets] over the Nisab. The term nisab signifies that the minimum quantity of land or wealth/resources that have to be possessed by a Muslim earlier s/he is qualified to

History Of Zakat In Islam

History Of Zakat In Islam: Zakat before the Arrival of Islam The background of Zakat is just like that of Salaah. It’s clear from the Qur’a that enjoy Salaah its directive always existed from the Shari’ah of their preceding Prophets. When the Almighty asked the Muslims to cover it, it wasn’t something unfamiliar to them.