Month: July 2017

History Of Al Quran: Etymology and Meaning

History Of Al Quran: Etymology and Meaning This is a verbal noun (maṣdar) from this verb qaraʾa (قرأ), meaning “that he read” or “he recited.” The Syriac equal is qeryānā, which describes “scripture reading” or “lesson”. While many Western scholars believe that the phrase to be derived from the Syriac, most of the Muslim governments

History Of Al Quran: The Background of Quran

The Quran; Arabic: القرآن‎ al-qurʾan, literally meaning “the recitation”), also transliterated Qur’an, Koran, Al-Coran, Coran, Kuran, and Al-Qur’a, is the fundamental spiritual text of Islam, which Muslims consider to be the verbatim word of God (Arabic: الله‎, Allah). It’s regarded as the best piece of literature.

A Brief History Of Islam – Part 2: Hijrah

A Brief History Of Islam – Part 2: Hijrah The resistance to him reached a pitch which, fearful for their security, he delivered a number of his adherents, after Muhammad had preached for at least a decade. There, the ruler extended them protection, the memory of that has been cherished by Muslims. But the persecution

Sins Of Gambling In Islam

Before the introduction of Islam, such as other many-sided evils, gaming was also on the rise. The Arabian society, plagued with ignorance and illiteracy as it had been, had also fallen prey to the evil. Betting sidewalks have been held, and also the wealthy and bad took part in these based on their means.

Dua For Forgiveness Of Major Sins In Islam

Don’t let Shaitan delude one to think”Continue to your Sins as your Sins are large and it can’t be forgiven .” Allah is “Al Ghaffur ” and “Raheem .” There are. The name al-Ghāfir signifies the Forgiver, while the names al-Ghafūr and al-Ghaffār are somewhat more powerful, indicating that Allah is most forgiving, oft-forgiving. Allah

Can Major Sins In Islam Be Forgiven?

God didn’t create other than to worship Him. Being human makes us frail and forgetful while at precisely the identical time our humanity causes us to become filled with their own significance; proud and arrogant. Arrogance, in turn, causes us to commit sins, and our forgetfulness causes us to make mistakes which can lead to