Month: July 2017

Islamic Faith six Pillars: Belief in Sciptures

Islamic Faith six Pillars, Belief in the scriptures is the article of faith. We can identify four Chief reasons (1) The scripture is a point of reference to understand obligations and the religion towards human beings and God. God clarifies the purpose of creation and reveals Himself. (2) In regards to this, ‘differences and disagreements

Islamic Faith six Pillars: Belief in Angel

Islamic Faith six Pillars: Belief in Angel In the second of Islamic Faith six Pillars, the Muslim belief in Angel. angels have been thought of forces of illusions, hologram graphics, or nature. Western iconography depicts angels with a halo as cherubic babies or young people. They’re not semi-divine or heavenly, and they’re not God’s partners

Islamic Faith six Pillars: Belief in God

Islamic Faith six Pillars: Belief in God In the first of Islamic Faith six Pillars, Muslims believe in one and that none has the right. He’s the real God, and every other deity is false. He’s the most magnificent names and sublime, perfect attributes. No one shares His divinity, nor His attributes. From the Quran, God

A Brief History of Ottoman Caliphate

History of Ottoman Caliphate Throughout Ottoman expansion, Ottoman rulers starting with Mehmed II maintained the caliphal authority. The passing of the Ottoman Caliphate happened in part due to a slow erosion of electricity in connection with Europe and finish of the country in effect of partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. Abdul Mejid II held that

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Ali ibn Abi Talib

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Ali ibn Abi Talib Based on background, Ali had denied the appointment. However, all urged to direct the people. Pembaitan Ali was held in the Nabawi mosque. Ali has been among the closest companies to Prophet. After married and watched Abu Talib live deficits, keeping Muhammad Ali on his property. They

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Umar

(23-33 Hijriah/634-644 AD) Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Umar At the very last days of his life, Caliph Abu Bakr asked lots of people occupied. “What do you consider Umar?” His soul is great, although everyone named Umar was difficult. Following that, Abu Bakr asked Uthman to write will his successor was Umar. It appears that Abu

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Abu Bakr

Islamic Caliphate After Muhammad: Abu Bakr Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam died without leaving a concept of who should succeed him as chief of those people. Some relatives Apostle discovered Ali ibn Abu Talib and cousin-in-law who maintained Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam out of childhood-the most qualified. However, some of the Ansar, a native of Medina,

Zamzam Water Research

Zamzam Water Research Zamzam Studies and Research Center in SGS would be to supply the essential scientific options for effective tracking and management of the aquifer feeding the Zamzam well and also to guarantee the purity and safety of supply. The Center is currently concentrating on the following aspects of management of the aquifer, the Zamzam